The Rotary Club of Frisco Flag Program is about giving back to our community.  For national holidays we place over 150 flags in 2 city parks to keep the American spirit front and center.  
Last Saturday a group of members met at Sunbelt Plastics, our flag storage warehouse, to repair and replace about 100 flags.  These flags are deployed at local parks for national holidays and have to be replaced periodically due to the wear and tear they receive from the weather.  Thank you to Steve Weible for leading this effort and to Ted Barrett, Art Bourgeault, Al Brewster, Bernie Gillette, Glenn Hunihan, Jim Jensen, Chris Johnson, Mike Simpson, Ronan and Stefanie Wagoner and Mike Yarborogh for your time in keeping this important community service functioning smoothly.  
Monday late afternoon a group of members were joined by members of the Young Men's Service League to deploy the flags for the last time this year.  These flags need to be picked up and stored on Sunday, November 12.  You are invited to bring family and friends at 5 pm to help with this important service.  God Bless America!