UNT's Military History Center
Nov 19, 2020 12:00 PM
Dr. Michael V. Leggiere
UNT's Military History Center

Dr. Michael V. Leggiere is the Deputy Director of the Military History Center at the Universsity of North Texas, which seeks to be the premier destination in the United States for the study of Military History.

The brutal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have driven home again the centrality of military history to modern politics and statecraft. The causes, conduct and termination of these conflicts require careful study and analysis, for which the Military History Center is esteemed. We consider options for high-intensity conflicts as well as the slow-rolling war on terrorism in the broad, deep context of military history, from the ancients to the present.

Since the Vietnam War, opportunities for American students to study military history in a serious way have receded owing to a general rejection of war studies at the university level. Military history -- the driver of world politics -- has either been removed from curricula, or diluted to an almost unrecognizable form. The opposite trend is underway at UNT. UNT's commitment to the research, teaching and public presentation of military history has made our Military History Center an international leader in the field.

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