Jul 08, 2021
Non-Profit Grant Recipients
Organization Updates

LovePacs  (Frisco)

The mission of Lovepacs is to engage the community to feed children in need as an expression of Love. We provide food for students who are on the free-and-reduced lunch program when they are out of school for long holiday breaks.

Refresh Frisco (Frisco)

Our nonprofit serves low-income children in the Frisco community. To qualify for a Refresh Pack filled with hygiene products families must qualify for the free or reduced lunch program through the Frisco Independent School District. Currently over 8,000 students in Frisco ISD qualify for this program.

Treasured Vessels Foundation (North Texas)

Treasured Vessels Foundation is devoted to providing a long-term safe place for healing and growth to individuals impacted by trauma from exploitation in sex trafficking. We have a passion to help restore purpose and value to each person, while providing a holistic and comprehensive approach in therapy for a sustainable future.

Family Legacy (Int’l)

Family Legacy provides schooling for children in Zambia to live out their full potential, opening a world of opportunity that would otherwise be unreachable. Whether it be a grade-school child, a secondary student, or a young adult pursuing a vocational certificate or a college degree, Family Legacy provides a quality education at every level to maximize the future success of Zambian children.

Families of WWII Veterans


Families of World War II Veterans is dedicated to honoring the heroic legacies of World War II veterans and any persons involved in the WWII effort.



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