The Frisco Garden Club
Feb 17, 2022 12:00 PM
Marlene Byndon
The Frisco Garden Club

Marlene Byndon is a retiree who enjoys volunteering and helping others achieve their dreams. She grew up in the telecommunications world. Marlene began her career with the Southwestern Bell System, retried from AT&T after 28 years of service, and worked eight years  for T-Mobile. With these companies  she discovered her passion for helping to train, coach and lead others to achieve their goals.

She continues to help others today, through Toastmasters and the Frisco Garden Club. Under her leadership, Marlene’s Toastmasters Club has been a President’s Distinguished Club for six years straight. This is the highest honor you can receive as a Club. Marlene is also proud of the achievements made under her tenure as President of the Frisco Garden Club, the oldest active civic  organization in Frisco. A visit to the many projects they support, throughout the City, is clear evidence of the Club’s impact to the community,

Marlene states,  that all the opportunities she has experienced, have also permitted her to learn, grow, work feverishly at her purpose and has inspired her to never forget her mantra, “Don’t Stop Believing."